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Topo Tech Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of automotive reversing safety system.
Our product range includes 5.6" / 7" TFT LCD monitor with analog and digital panels, all kinds of 1/3" and 1/4" color Sony/Sharp CCD camera for vehicle front view/side view/rear view/dome view, color mini CMOS cameras for passenger vehicles, mobile DVRs, all kinds of cables, etc.
Every year there are many people killed or badly wounded in vehicle accidents, many of which were not caused by careless bad driving but by the blind spots all around the vehicle. The driver didn't notice them within his vision. Blind areas exist on every kind of equipments, which leads to quite high potential of accidents at any time. Actually such driveway deaths or injuries can be easily prevented by installing a camera system on the vehicle. It gives the driver a clear image of what's going on at those blind areas. We can provide total camera solutions for all kinds of vehicles.
The functions of of the vehicle camera systems:
    Eliminate blind areas
    Increase driver's field of vision
    Improve driving safety
    Avoid accidents and collisions
    Save lives
    In car surveillance
With our camera system, you can enjoy a more relaxed driving. Now you can reverse with confidence!
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