Product features:


Support 4 channel AHD 1080P input and HD HDMI 1080P output

4x1080P, 4x720P, 4xD1 and 4 mixed-resolution recording, with 15 seconds pre-recording function

Start trigger recording, timer trigger recording, motion trigger recording, G-force trigger recording, over-speeding trigger recording, 8-channel customized alarm input trigger recording, remote control trigger recording

3G/4G/WIFI/GPS tracking technology,platform-side CMS server, IOS, Android and windows Client network client, can achieve real remotely monitoring

WIFI support STATION and AP mode; AP mode can support that mobile directly connect to devices, and is easy for preview and configuration at mobile terminal

Alarm recording, alarm information, log information, GPS trajectory, real-time videos and pictures remotely automatic uploading, remotely intelligent data analysis and management

Various storage types: SD card * 2( max 128GB) ++ 4TB HDDcan be all supported

Support dual stream, sub-stream backup and network transmission

Supports Gsensor acceleration sensor,GPS

Support touch-screen and infrared remote control

Well protected by Super-capacitor

Shockproof:MIL-STD 810G


Vehicle management is  simple

With Mobile phone, Tablet or Computer in hand, 

you WOULD be able to remotely manage and dispatch all kinds of vehicles

Support PC Windows Client, mobile IOS and Android APP. 

Users can use the computer or mobile phone to remotely monitor vehicles.

It also supports real-time positioning, historical trajectory, 

file download and playback, electronic fence and other special features